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 Adapter ID Range 6200 - 64FFPage 6 of 10

 SERADF6201QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
 SERADF6203QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
 ETADF6205Excelan EXOS 215T Intelligent Ethernet Adapter
 IDE 6213Custom Computer Systems IDE Fixed Disk Adapter
 ET 6217Everex Speedlink Ethernet Adapter
NCRSERADF621CNCR 16 Port Serial Controller/MC
 SCNADF621FHewlett-Packard ScanJet II Interface Adapter (HP C1753A ScanJet IIC)
 ET 6220ACCTON Micro Channel EtherPair/EtherCoax adapter
 3270 6221ITI LinkUp COAX - 3270 Emulation Adapter
  ADF6222The NCI 4700 PCI/MC
 ET 6226Asante Technologies EtherPaC Ethernet Adapter
 PRT 6232LaserMaster WinPrinter Controller
 PRT 6237LANSprint High Speed Printer Controller
   6247Lasergraphics RASCOL IV
 TAP 6250DataTrac/MTC-16 Half-Inch Tape Drive Controller
   6253Touchscreen Controller Model E271-2202 Accutouch Touchscreen
 SERADF6258Alert Technology Serial Adapter
 PRTADF6259Alert Technology Printer Adapter
 NETADF6262p1800 ProNET-10 Network Adapter
 IDEADF6263Arco Electronics AC-1070 IDE Controller
 SECADF626BApricot AdLOC(tm) Security Card
   626CMS1553 MIL-STD1553 Adapter
 ISDNADF626FINTERCOPE ISDN Communication Server 1
KGSTDASDADF627AKingston Technology Data Master
 ETADF627C3Com 3C529 Network Adapter
 ETADF627D3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter
NCRSCSI 6283NCR 53C400 SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
INTELETADF628BIntel EtherExpress MCA Network Adapter
 ETADF628DDigital Ethernet Adapter (EtherWORKS DE210/DE212)
 COM 6293Rabbit RB62 Coaxial Communications Adapter
 IDE 629FReply AT IDE Drive Adapter
   62A6Dialogic TTS/80-MC, TTS/40-MC
NCRPRCADF62A9NCR Recognition Accelerator Board 10MB
 SERADF62AFBocaBoard Micro Channel 4 Port Serial Adapter
 SERADF62B0BocaBoard Micro Channel 16 Port Serial Adapter
 ISDN 62B1AT&T Intelligent PC ISDN Board
 IDEADF62B6Arco Electronics AC-1079 SLIM Drive Adapter
 COM 62BFATTACHMATE - Adv. Function SDLC Adapter/2
 VOI 62DBVocalCard/Digital
IBMMDMADF62E9IBM 14.4 Data/Fax Modem
 PRCADF62F0Plexus AIP2 Card (Advanced Image Processor)
 COM 62F4Memorex Telex 6508 SSI LINK Adapter
 COM 62F9Stallion Technologies EasyConnection 8/32
 3270 62FCThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
 3270 62FEThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
 3270 62FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
 MDM 6300ProModem 2400
 DAQ 6303Meinberg Funkuhr PS31 (Meinberg Radio Clock)
 VOI 630ADialogic D/81, D/41 Voice Processing Adapter
 SCNADF631FHewlett-Packard ScanJet II Interface Adapter
 IO 6320MCL-920 Digital I/O and Counter Card
 IOADF6321MicroPort 2
 PARADF6322MicroPort P
 MPO 6323Microport // BOCport Parallel/Serial
 NETADF6343LANtastic (tm) Artisoft Inc. 2Mbps Network Adapter
 IO 6348MCL-948 IEEE-488 Interface Card
 SER 6358COMTROL RocketPort 16/MC Serial Adapter
 SER 6359COMTROL RocketPort 8/MC Serial Adapter
 SER 635ACOMTROL RocketPort 32/MC Serial Adapter
 SERADF6361Arnet Corporation, Smartport/2 Communications Adapter
 COMADF6378Digi SyncPort/1
 SERADF6384Megaport Serial Adapter
  ADF6386Megaplex PS/2 Adapter
 COM 6388Equinox SST-64M Controller (Remote Access)
 COM 6389Equinox SST-128M Controller (Remote Access)
 MPO 638AEquinox SST Multiport Controller (Remote Access)
 JSTADF63B3CH Products GameCard III-Automatic/MCA gameport adapter
 ETADF63CAHewlett Packard StarLAN-10 Adapter
NCRTRM 63FENCR 796 Terminal Emulator
 COMADF63FFLocal Twinax Adapter
 IDE 6405IDE Controller for Model 60 & 80
 SERADF6406AT&T GIS 8 Port Serial Controller/MC
 IOADF6407Avanstar 100 M
 ETADF6410Allied Telesis AT1720T
 ETADF6413Allied Telesis AT1720BT
 ETADF6416Allied Telesis AT1720AT
 ETADF6419Allied Telesis AT1720FT
   642FPS2000 OCR Reader Adapter
NCRCOMADF6440NCR MCA IH-HOUSE DLC Communications Adapter V1.7
NCRISDN 6442NCR ISDN Personal Computer Terminal Adapter
 ET 64463Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
 ETADF6447Olicom Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter
NCRISDN 6449NCR ISDN Data Terminal Adapter
 SERADF647CCOMTROL HOSTESS/MC Four Port Serial Adapter
 NETADF64B6Thomas-Conrad ARC-CARD/MC
 NET 64B7Thomas-Conrad TCNS/MC
 MPT 64FARTI HiLink5 Multi-Protocol Communications Adapter
 3270 64FFThe Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection

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