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Entry updated Mar 2007
 616E ::: Computone ValuePort V6-MC (PS6)

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
Computone ValuePort V6-MC (PS6)
COM MPO  Multiport
CMPT  Computone Corp.


The ValuePort line of Computone includes the V8-ISA, V6-MC and V4-ISA boards. The ValuePort V6-MC is the Micro Channel version of the V8-ISA and supports a full range of interrupts. The board supports only six ports instead of the eight on the ISA version. The ValuePort V6-MC has been also sold under the names Micro-6 and PS6.

The Computone V6-MC (or PS6) is essentially a Cirrus CD180 8-port Intelligent UART with an on-board logic to map it into the I/O space of the host. The primary field mark is the single large Cirrus chip which dominates the board. There are six RJ11 connectors on the board. The RJ11 connectors do not support separate DCD and CTS signals.

Earlier ValuePort V6-MC boards are designated by the part number part 1-12095, newer versions have the part number 3-02295. Board assembly numbers 2-xxxx are original IntelliCom designations whereas assembly numbers 3-xxxxx are Computone designations.


The UNIX/XENIX drivers do not support IntelliFeatures. There are separate drivers for the V8-ISA and V6-MC boards. Under the UNIX/XENIX drivers, ports are called /dev/ttyk00, /dev/ttyk01 and so on.

Computone drivers for UNIX, Windows NT and DOS at www.alturaxl.com/drivers



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