MicroChannel Adapter Database
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 Adapter ID Range 6500 - 6AFFPage 5 of 10

 NETADF6508PDIUC508 ARCNET Interface Adapter
   6509PDuC8025 TRN Interface Adapter
 ET 650BPUREDATA PDuC8023 Ethernet
 TRADF651BRacore 802.5 Token-Ring Adapter
IBMNETADF651ERacore LANpac II for the IBM PS/2
 COMADF655BWang Microchannel Local Office Connection (MCLOC)
   6571Keithley Instruments Series 500 Interface
   6578Exchange Series Sync Interface Adapter
 SERADF657DCONTROL HOSTESS 550 Four Port Serial Adapter
 MF 657EDFL 104 Multifunction I/O Adapter
   65ACISAC 3200
 SCN 65D4Howtek Personal Color Scanner (Parallel Interface)
 TRM 65F1ShineLink 3270 Terminal Emulator (LCS-8848/II)
 NET 65F2ShineNet LAN Card (LCS-8834-II)
 MDM 65F3Shine Modem Card (LCS-8824B/II)
 IO 6600Ziatech GPIB Adapter
 MDMADF6612Evercom 24/2 Modem
   6666SYSTEM Gold Communications Card
 NET 6674DayStar LocalTalk AppleTalk Adapter - DayStar Digital
 SER 6688MC-8 Intelligent Multi-Serial Controller
 3270 675FMemorex Telex Universal/1472 /3270 Coax Adapter
 3270 67673270 Coax Adapter
   6769Hardlock Double Double Face Card (Hardlock on Card)
 NET 676BAQUILA Communications ARCNET
 3270ADF677FATTACHMATE - Advanced 3270 Adapter
 SERADF6780NEOTECH / ROALAN Four Channel Serial Adapter
 SERADF6781NEOTECH / ROALAN Serial Adapter
 PARADF6782NEOTECH / ROALAN Parallel Adapter
 MPOADF6783NEOTECH / ROALAN Serial/Parallel Adapter
 SERADF6784NEOTECH / ROALAN Dual RS-422/RS-485 Serial Adapter
 SERADF6785NEOTECH / ROALAN S-485, RS-422 or RS-485 Serial Adapter
 PARADF6786NEOTECH / ROALAN DP/1A, Two Channel Parallel Adapter
 SERADF6787NEOTECH / ROALAN MS/4A, Four Channel Serial Adapter
 SERADF6788NEOTECH / ROALAN MS/4B, Four Channel Serial Adapter
 SERADF6789NEOTECH / ROALAN MS/4C/RJ Four Channel Serial Adapter
 SERADF678BNEOTECH Dual RS-232 Asynchronous Adapter
 SERADF678CNEOTECH Dual RS-232 Asynchronous Adapter, S2M100
 MPOADF678DNEOTECH MSP/4, Four Channel Serial + Parallel Adapter
 IOADF678FBBS GPIB-3000 (IEEE 488) Interface Board
 SER 6790MSI-QSA - Quad Serial Adapter
 SERADF6791NEOTECH Single RS-232 Asynchronous Adapter SM110 // MSI-SA
 MPOADF6792NEOTECH 2-Serial 1-Parallel Adapter, SPM121/SPM321 // MSI-PA Par.
 MPO 6793MSI-PSA - Parallel/Serial Adapter
 SER 6794MSI-DDA - Dual RS-422/485 Differential Serial Adapter
 SERADF6795NEOTECH Single RS-422/485 Asynchonous Adapter, S1M200
 PARADF6796NEOTECH Single Bidirectional Parallel Adapter PM101 // MSI-DPA Dual Par.
 PARADF6797NEOTECH Dual Bidirectional Parallel Adapter, PM102
 IO 679FMSI-GPIB - General Purpose Interface Bus (IEEE 488) Adapter
 ETADF67B0Artisoft LANtastic(R) NodeRunner 2000M/TC and AE-2 MC Ethernet
 SER 67C0MS Dual RS-232 Serial Adapter
 COM 67C1MAS Dual Asynch/Synch Adapter
NCRSERADF67E1NCR 8 Port Serial Controller/MC // Star Gate ACL Adapter
   67E7KRAFT G/3+ Adapter
   67EAIRIScom III Coax Adapter
 SCNADF67F0PGS LS300/LS300F Scanner Adapter
   67F8Star Gate PLUS 8 Adapter
 VIDADF67FDArtist 12 Graphics Controller
 VID 67FEArtist 16 Graphic Controller
 PRTADF67FFFormwriter Adapter/Print Controller
 COMADF6800Star Gate PLUS 8 MC Adapter
 IDEADF6869ATronics International Inc. ATI-MC100 IDE controller
 SER 6870COMTROL HOSTESS/MC 4 Port Serial Adapter
 NETADF68FFResearch Machines Z-Net LAN Controller
   6954MicroCAT Measurement Coprocessor
 SER 6971COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 4 Port Serial Adapter
 NET 69DCCorNet Adapter
 NET 69DDTokenNet 1000
 COM 69E7COMLIB 2 - Sync/Async Adapter for Library Applications
 VOI 69EBVoicecard 2000
 DAQ 69ECIF-330 9-channel Counter/Timer Adapter
   69F0Phase 1 Adapter
  ADF69F25250 60 Cal Emulation Card Mod. 3M50 // PRAIM 3M50
 TAP 69F8DX-6600 Tape Drive Controller
 SERADF69F9IBEX ISC-Intelligent Serial Communication Adapter
 NET 69FFARC 500 LAN card
 CPUADF6A03INMOS IMS B017 Transputer Module Motherboard
 DEV 6A0AIF-800 Universal (E)EPROM Programmer
   6A12OST RNIS Adapter
 MDM 6A13XYNOX Modem
NCRNETADF6A14NCR WaveLAN Network Interface Card
 NLS 6A15SAKHR Arabic ROM Card (Model AX35)
 ETADF6A22RM Ethernet-MC/2 Adapter
   6A2D9100 Kit
 ET 6A3ACONNECT Ethernet Adapter ETH MC-01
   6A3CT.D.T. Single Pad Karte Synchron
   6A40Microeye Picturebook Adapter
  ADF6A41EVALUATOR Channel 1
  ADF6A42EVALUATOR Channel 2
  ADF6A43EVALUATOR Channel 3
  ADF6A44EVALUATOR Channel 4
 COMADF6A46Stomann SICC-MC-X25 Communications Card
 SCN 6A47Scanner Interface Mod. CT 1020
   6A48Connection Board for Expansion Chassis Mod. CT 971
   6A4APE 117 Smart Card Security Device
 TRMADF6A51Terminal Emulation Adapter
 ESDI 6A59AC-2060 ESDI Controller
 ET 6A5AMainLan Ethernet Adapter
 COMADF6A5CSpecialix RIO Intelligent Comms Card
 SEC 6A62PSP400 Cryptographic Module
 MPT 6A65PCX.21 P/A Multi-Protocol Communication Adapter
   6A73UNINA Quintet MC Board
   6A76IF-120 Optocoupler Card
 IO 6A77IF-140 32 bit Digital I/O, 16 bit Counter
 MF 6A78IF-230 Multifunction Card
 COM 6A79IF-450 Intelligent RS422/RS485/RS232-Interface
   6A7AIF-600 Reed Relay Card
 PARADF6A7BTueplan dual channel printer port adapter
 IOADF6A7FM-Series BBC I/O Adapter
  ADF6A82IDA Centronic MCA Interface Rev. 80.2
 MDMADF6A8DQuattro Modem
 VOI 6A90DragonDictate Speech Adapter
 ISDNADF6A93ISDN-S/2 Adapter
 MDM 6AB4Mayze Systems Syncro 24PS V26 bis Modem
 MDM 6AB5Mayze Systems Syncro 48PS V27 ter Modem
 VIDADF6ABAPTE Graphics Adapter CAD Genius/2
 ETADF6ABFRM Ethernet MC Adapter
 MDM 6AC2SNM 12 Modem
 MDM 6AC3SNM 16 Modem
 SER 6AC6SIO-4 Serial Input/Output Communications Card
 IO 6ACBPIO-48 Programmable Input/Output Card
 MDM 6ACFModem Fonico R.C. Sysnet SMF-22
 SCSIADF6AE0SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
   6AE2Polytel Super Keycard
 MDM 6AE7Dacom Asynchronous Modem (Unity Gold +/2)
 MDM 6AFBMiracom Keycard/PS Modem
 ETADF6AFDSKNET Ethernet Adapter/G
 TAPADF6AFEQIC-02 Tape Drive Controller

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