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News at MAD Max

Date News Event
2002.03.19: Site has been migrated from my former TagWerks site to my personal site. Will add a web-based MCA discussion forum shortly.
2000.08.09: My *static* site is now indexed with all the archived items that might be of interest.
1999.10.17: A little bit of Pen Computing.
1999.10.17: Random MCA card pictures.
1999.09.27: Updated the Search Page
1999.09.10: A visit with Ross Barker
1999.09.08: Some PS/2 Technical Specifications documents.
1999.08.20: Direct link to IBM PS/2 Support
1999.08.17: Some PDFs for processor information
1999.08.15: Some planar pictures and Thinkpad 730T pictures.
1999.08.14: Jim Shorney's P75 wizardry.
1999.08.13: An excellent example of Peter Wendt's MAD handiwork.
1999.08.06: Pentium 233MMX Type 4 (P90) upgrade
1999.07.04: Model 80 customized with a RAID cage.
1999.07.03: Briefing on PS/2 memory technologies.
1999.07.03: Pictorial of failed Type 4 P60/P66 upgrades.
1999.07.03: P75 portable pictures..
1999.07.02: My "restored" PS/2 Model 90
1999.07.02: IBM PC Convertible pictures.
1999.07.02: Pictures of my PS/2E LCD display, 3511 SCSI tower, and Server 85.
1999.06.19: Type 4 P200 MMX Overdrive conversion.
1999.06.15: Advanced search page added.
1999.06.14: Version 5.5 of the PS/2 FAQ.
1999.06.14: Type 4 P90 to P200 conversion.
1999.06.14: IBM's Learning Service - Linux.
1999.06.14: Some Reference Disks
1999.06.12: Website is online. The user interface is a complete rip-off from IBM's site.