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Reference/Starter diskettes available from IBM.

The following table lists all the currently available reference and starter diskettes available from the IBM FTP site.

MachineNameReference Disk
8530 PS/2 Mod 30ftp://../refdisks/30start.exe
8535 PS/2 Mod 35ftp://../refdisks/3540st.exe
8540 PS/2 Mod 40SXftp://../refdisks/3540st.exe
8550 PS/2 Mod 50 - PS/2 Mod 50Zftp://../refdisks/rf5060a.exe
8555 PS/2 Mod 55ftp://../refdisks/rf5565a.exe
8556 PS/2 Mod 56ftp://../refdisks/rf855657.exe
8557 PS/2 Mod 57ftp://../refdisks/rf855657.exe
8560 PS/2 Mod 60ftp://../refdisks/rf5060a.exe
8565 PS/2 Mod 65ftp://../refdisks/rf5565a.exe
8570 PS/2 Mod 70ftp://../refdisks/rf7080a.exe
8573 PS/2 P70 Luggable 386ftp://../refdisks/p70-386r.exe
8573 PS/2 P75 Luggable 486ftp://../refdisks/rfp75a.exe
8580 PS/2 Mod 80ftp://../refdisks/rf7080a.exe
8590 T1 PS/2 Mod 90ftp://../pc_servers/rf90951a.exe
8590 T2 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90952a.exe
8595 T1 PS/2 Mod 95 - PS/2 Server 95ftp://../pc_servers/rf90951a.exe
8595 T2 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90952a.exe
8595 T3 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90953a.exe
9553 PS/2 Mod 9553ftp://../refdisks/rf9553a.exe
9556 PS/2 Mod 9556ftp://../refdisks/rf955657.exe
9557 PS/2 Mod 9557ftp://../refdisks/rf955657.exe
9576 PS/2 Mod 76i - PS/2 Mod 76sftp://../refdisks/7677ref.exe
9577 PS/2 Mod 77i - PS/2 Mod 77sftp://../refdisks/7677ref.exe
9590 T1 PS/2 Mod 90ftp://../pc_servers/rf90951a.exe
9590 T2 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90952a.exe
9595 T1 PS/2 Server 95ftp://../pc_servers/rf90951a.exe
9595 T2 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90952a.exe
9595 T3 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90953a.exe
9595 T4 ftp://../pc_servers/rf90954a.exe