Drawing Production 

This section explains how to customize and create a 2-D drawing from a 3-D document. It differs from the function "creating isometric drawings" in that the drawing production function allows you to customize the way your 2-D drawing will appear. Another significant difference is that a drawing produced using this function is created to scale.

Some 2-D endstyle graphics are included with this application. If you need more graphics then you must create them. The catalog in which endstyles are stored is called Graphic Replacement True View Catalog. It is in the following directory: ...intel_a\startup\EquipmentandSystems\Piping (or other discipline)\PipingDesign (or other application)\DrawingCatalog. You need to place all endstyle graphics in the file GraphicReplacementTrueView.CATPart, which is in the same directory, and then link a graphic name in the catalog to the actual graphic. 

Creation of the drawing correctly also depends on a design table. See Rules Overview and Modifying Design Rules to find out more.

Drawing Production Settings
Generating a Drawing
Defining 2D Endstyle Symbols