Systems Routing Toolbar

The Systems Routing Toolbar contains the following tools:

 Logical Assembly: See Creating a Logical Assembly
  System Assembly: See Creating a System Assembly
  Logical Set: See Creating a Logical Set
 Run: See Routing Runs and Modifying Runs.
 Create an Offset Route: See Routing a Run at an Offset of a Routable
  Route from Spline: See Routing Along a Spline
Route thru a Pathway: See Routing a Run Within a Pathway
Create an Offset Segment Connection: See Creating an Offset Connection Between Segments
 Break an Existing Run into Two Runs:
Adjust Run Extremity: See Adjust the Extremity of a Run
Transfer Run to a Different Document: See Transfer Run to Another Document
 Disconnect... See Disconnecting Routables
   Connect... See Connecting Routables
   Break Runs at Branch Connections: