Creating a System Assembly

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task describes how to create a distribution system.
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A system assembly is a mechanism for organizing and grouping logical lines. You can create logical lines (such as a Piping Line or Conveyor Network) under a system assembly, a logical set under a logical line, and then create runs under them. A system assembly, logical line and logical set will only display in the specifications tree because they are organizational elements. A run will also display in your viewer. In the illustration below, the specifications tree shows a piping system assembly under an area, a logical line (Piping Assembly1) under the piping system assembly, and a run (Pipe Run1) under the logical line. The run can be seen in the area.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. Click on the System Assembly button.tbdistribsys.gif (607 bytes)

The System Assembly Creation dialog box is displayed.

If you want to create the system in a new document see Saving a system assembly or Logical Line as a Separate Document.

2. Click on the down arrow and make a selection in the pull-down menu if you want to designate your system assembly as being of a certain type, i.e. conveyor, piping, power, etc.

3. Click OK.

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