Working with Scripting Templates

  • The upward compatibility of the Scripting Language is guaranteed.
  • For comprehension purposes, some modifications (listed in the following pages) have been made to the Generative Script language. New objects have been added, as well as new attributes. Some types have been removed.  
    For more information about the objects and their new equivalents, see Generative Script Objects.
  • The objects available in the browser can now be instantiated.

This new section explains how to use the scripting language to create templates. It is divided into 2 different parts: The first part explains the basics of the scripting tool that you can access by clicking the Create a Generative Script icon in the toolbar. This first section is made up of the following topics:


The second part presents the script: its structure, its syntax, its objects, the commands that can be of use when writing a script as well as more advanced functions. This second section is made up of the following topics:



Before creating a loop in a CATPart document, make sure that the Manual input option is unchecked in the Part Number field of the Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Product Structure>Product Structure tab.