Creating a Script    

This task explains how to use the script editor as a dialog box to create a script. For information on how to write a script, see Using the Scripting Language   
Before creating a loop in a CATPart document, make sure that the Manual input option is unchecked in the Part Number field of the Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Product Structure>Product Structure tab.
  1. Access the Product Knowledge Template workbench by selecting the Product Knowledge Template workbench from the Start>Knowledgeware menu.

  2. Click the   icon. The Knowledgeware Script Editor is displayed.

  3. At this stage, you can create a document skeleton by using the File>New>CATPart or CATProduct document command or by typing the proper instructions into the editor.

    See Using a Script Skeleton for information on how to start from a skeleton. 
    See Using the Scripting Language for information on the language.
  4. Save your script by using the File>Save or File>Save As command. Your script is saved in a .CATGScript file.

  5. Click Generate to create the document.