Using the Scripting Language

Introducing the Scripting Language

The Scripting Language is a declarative way of generating V5 Features.

What does it allow you to do?

  You can describe objects using a very simple script language.
3D geometric features (sketches, parts, ...).
Parameters on features including formulas.
Related positioning & orientation constraints.
  They can interactively generate the corresponding V5 models.

How can you use it?

  • You can launch the Script editor (graphic mode) in the Product Knowledge Template workbench, open a script file or type it in, then generate the result. 
  • You can launch a script file in a Rule action using the GenerateScript function. 
  • You can launch a script stored in a catalog.

Introducing the Scripting Language main Features

The Scripting language enables you to:

  • Import definitions from other models/scripts and then instantiate the imported components.
    See Import keyword.
  • Incrementally define objects, their properties and the other features they own.
  • Define input parameters that will be valued by you at the beginning of the generation.
    Declaring Input Data.

  Script Structure 
Generative Script Objects

Object Properties






Using The Generative Knowledge Commands