Using the Object Browser  

The object browser guides you when writing a script. It allows you to access the keywords, operators and  feature attributes that can be used when working with Product Knowledge Template.

To access the Product Knowledge Template Object Browser:

  1. Access the Product Knowledge Template workbench by selecting the Knowledgeware> Product Knowledge Template command from the Start menu.

  2. Click the icon. The Knowledgeware Script Editor is displayed. 

  3. Select Tools>Object Browser... from the Script Editor toolbar. The following window opens: 

From this window, you can manipulate the list of objects supported by Generative Knowledge using their attributes.
  • The central part displays the list of objects belonging to this category. 
  • The right part displays the attributes allowing you to manipulate these objects (if any). 
To return to your last interaction in the wizard. Has no action on the script editor. 
To go forward to your next interaction in the wizard when moving through a series of interactions.
Browse Attribute Description
This icon is not available in the current version of the product.
Jump to prototype
To return to the root object.
Paste selection 
To insert the object name in the script.