What's New?

New Functionality

Restoring an Attached Position of an Object
With restoring an attached position, the behavior of the attach functionality will not change.  But when an object is first attached to a segment, the initial relative position between the segment and the object will be calculated and kept.  You will be able to re-apply this relative position at any given point in time.  If the object's position relative to its master segment has not changed, the object will not move; but if it has changed, the object will go back to its initial relative position.

Vehicle Occupant Accommodation (license required)

Vehicle Occupant Accommodation commands
The Vehicle Occupant Accommodation toolbar is only available with the Vehicle Occupant Accommodation product license.

Human Data Catalogs (licenses required)

Human Anthropometry Catalog
Human Posture Catalog
Human Preferred Angles Catalog
Manikin simulation and/or posture-creation can be time-consuming. The human catalogs improve the user experience and reduce simulation creation time.

Enhanced Functionality

The Vision Window Behavior
Previously, this vision behavior consists to keep the camera constantly at the horizontal according the world coordinates system.  This means that, even if the manikin leans its head (Y in the local coordinates system), the view in the vision window will remain the same. You will always see the scene at the horizontal even if the manikin is bending its head. Now, the peripheral contour angle of the vision window will be readjust automatically to the head orientation.
Width and Type of Line Management for Constraints
You will be able to set up independently the type and thickness of the constraints view in the 3d screen, for the status for the width and line for constraints.
Enhanced Management of Look At behavior
You can explicitly choose which hand is to be the target of the Look At, the left, right, or either hand.
That way, you will be able to activate the right option from the start, and will not have to switch back and forth between the IK Mode (or Reach Mode) and the general options page.
Keeping the Settings of a Hand grasp
This stores the latest grasping posture angle specified in the Standard Pose dialog box for each posture type: spherical, cylindrical and pinch.  These values will be then use as the default posture of the Hand Grasp command. In order to facilitate still more the hand positioning on an object, we also apply an appropriate offset for each posture type of the Hand Grasp.  This will ease the hand positioning on an object while using the Reach command.
Manikin Constraints dialog box - Priority
Specific explanation of the priority settings in the dialog box.