ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) The Vision Window Behavior

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) With this vision behavior, the camera follows all the orientations of the manikin's head except the lateral inclination. This means that, even if the manikin leans its head (Y in the local coordinates system), the view in the vision window will remain the same.
You will always see the scene at the horizontal even if the manikin is bending its head laterally. 
It's now, the peripheral contour angle of the vision window that will be readjusted automatically to the lateral inclination of the head.

The camera on the manikin's head will be constantly repositioned in order to never be inclined laterally. On the other hand, the peripheral contour will still be readjusted according to the head leaning posture as shows the following pictures:

Old Behavior (R17 and less)


New Behavior (R18 +)


As you can see on the pictures, we draw a "notch" in the ellipse representing the obstruction created by the nose in both eyes.  This new ellipse shape breaks the symmetry of the vision window and therefore helps to distinguish the top of the manikin's head from the bottom.

The possibility of resizing the vision window in order to always get its minimal dimensions has been explored.  This won't be possible because of a flickering problem of the vision window which makes it very difficult to watch while the manikin's head is moving (during interactive manipulation or simulation).

Instead of constantly resizing the vision window, we propose to adjust the vision window height only once the manikin's head exceeds a certain degree of lateral inclination as shown below.  In this example, the vision window remains at the same height if the manikin's head  is inclined for less than 35 degrees.

Passing this threshold, the vision window is set automatically at its full height.

The window height will shrink back only when the inclination of the head will be less than 25 degrees (value below 35 degrees) in order to avoid flickering in the case where the head motion barely fluctuates around 35 degrees.


Note:  It is still possible to set back the old behavior of the vision window by checking the Fixed Peripheral Contour in the Tools > Options > Human Builder / Display tab.