ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) Keeping the Settings of an Hand Grasp

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) Three types of hand grasps are included in this option: cylindrical grasp, spherical grasp, and pinch grasp. The grasps can be done with the left or right hands independently, or with both hands together. Use the editor to loosen or tighten the grasp.
Also, you are able to store the latest Grasping posture angle specified in the Standard Pose dialog box for each posture type: spherical, cylindrical and pinch.  These values will be then use as the default posture of the Hand Grasp command.

In order to facilitate easier hand positioning on an object, you are also able to  store an appropriate offset on the hand segment for each posture type of the Hand Grasp.  This offset will be automatically applied when the Hand Posture Type button is selected.  This will ease the hand positioning on an object while using the Reach command.  The form of certain objects can be very complex and therefore, it's often difficult to find the right grasping position of the hand. 

This provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to set and retrieve an initial grasping posture.

  • Ability to reach an object not only with the palm of the hand but with a dedicated and optimal offset associated to each type of grasping posture.

  • Ability to modify the grasping offsets.

  • Ability to enable/disable these 2 options

The grasping angle still can be adjusted using the Grasping spinner.  The modification of this angle value changes the opening hand grasping posture.  This angle value will be stored and applied next time you select the same grasping posture type.  The following pictures show an example for the Cylindrical Grasping:

Default Grasping Posture Value

New Grasping Posture Value

This can be enabled by checking the Use grasping posture manually set option in the Tools > Options of the Human Builder product.

  1. The automatic calculation and application of an appropriate Offset on the hand for each grasping posture type will be done at the time the Hand Grasp is enabled. 

  2. This Offset will help to position the hand on an object while using the Reach mode.

  3. Selecting the Reach icon, then select the object to reach.

  4. Options for enabling/disabling and editing the Grasping Posture Type Offset are available in the Tools > Options.