Visualizing Functional Features

This page provides information about the different ways of visualizing functional features.

Topics discussed are:

Hiding or Showing the Geometry of a Solid Functional Set

If the Solid Functional Set is in No Show mode, protected features (in red) as well as wireframe geometry remain visible unless they are contained in a nested Solid Functional Set.

To hide or conversely, show the geometry of a solid functional set:

  • Right-click Solid Functional Set .x and select Hide/show.
  • or Right-click its corresponding functional solid and select Hide/show.
  • or Right-click its corresponding body and select Hide/show.

Features Contained in a Functional Set

Functional features contained in a functional set are no longer visible as soon as you have selected Only Current Body in the Tools toolbar. However, the features contained in the current solid functional set are shown.

Solid Functional Set.1 is set as current. Only Current Body is not selected so that all its features are visible.

Proctected Prism.2 is hidden since Only Current Body is selected:


Protected Features

By default, pure protected features, like protected, holes and fitting features remain visible once created (shown in red).

Conversely, features that are not purely protected like cutout, pocket, push, pull features are hidden once created.

Just use the Show/No Show capability to manage the visualization of features.