Grouping elements allows you to apply pre-processing specifications to a pre-defined group of elements (points, lines, surfaces or bodies) and to generate images from this group.

The group creation commands (groups under a group set or under a mesh part) are available if one of three following products is installed: Elfini Structural Analysis (EST), FEM Surface (FMS) or FEM Solid (FMD).


Geometrical Groups

Group Points
Create groups of points.
Group Lines
Create groups of lines.
Group Surfaces
Create groups of surfaces.
Group Bodies
Create groups of bodies.

Spatial Groups

Group Using a Box
Create groups based on box.
Group Using a Sphere
Create groups based on sphere.

Groups by Neighborhood

Group Point by Neighborhood
Create proximity point groups.
Group Line by Neighborhood
Create proximity line groups.
Group Surface by Neighborhood
Create proximity surface groups.

Groups by Boundary

Group Line by Boundary
Create line groups by boundary.
Group Surface by Boundary
Create surface groups by boundary.

Groups under Mesh Parts

Create Group under Mesh Parts
Create groups under mesh parts using the Create Group contextual menu.


Update Groups
Update a group or a group set.
Analyze Groups
Analyze and display the nodes, elements, faces of element and edges element of a group.