A sensor is a physical output of a computation, optionally limited to a local area, on which you can apply a post-treatment.
You can get a synthesis of analysis results by creating sensors.

A sensor can produce two kinds of results, depending on the sensor definition and on the analysis case:

  • knowledge parameters (single value or list of values): the sensor set provides parameters that can be re-used in Knowledgeware in order to set rules, checks, formulas and Product Engineering Optimizer workbench.
  • 2D Display (only in multi-occurrence case): allows you to display the variation of an output for different occurrences.
Create Global Sensors
Create sensors on entire model.
Create Local Sensors
Create sensors on local area.

Resultant Sensors

Create Reaction Sensors
Create a reaction sensor.
Create Applied Load Sensors
Create applied load sensors.
Create Multi Load Sensors
Create multi load sensors.
Create Internal Load Sensors
Create internal load sensors.
Create Inertia Sensors
Create inertia sensors.

Update Sensors
Update all the sensors belonging to a sensor set or update a particular sensor.
Display Values of Sensors
Display values of sensors in the specification tree under a sensor set.
Integration with Product Engineering Optimizer
Give information about the analysis data authorized in the Product Engineering Optimizer (PEO) product.