Getting Started

The following short tutorial provides an introduction to the Compartment and Access product, It is intended to give you a feel for the product's capabilities in a few step-by-step scenarios, which are listed below. These tasks are duplicated in other sections.

You can use a sample document that is included with this application to practice. Click here, click Open in the dialog box that displays, and then save the document to your own directory.

Entering the Workbench
Set Correct Working Units and Grid
Saving Documents
Build a Wall System
Extract Walls of a Wall System
Extract Compartments from a Wall System
Placing a Door on a Compartment

Certain functions will not work without setting up directory paths and options. The system administrator should refer to the tasks under Understanding Project Resource Management as well as platform dependent sample data in Finding sample data on various platforms.

The task Setting Up the Application (in the Customizing section) describes the various steps you have to take, and the order in which you have to do them, to set up Compartment and Access.