Generating the Walls of a Wall System

This task shows you how to generate the walls of a wall system.
You should finalize your sketch, or get it as close to your final design as possible, before you extract the walls.

1. With your document open, Show the upper deck of the ship. The upper deck will be used to define the upper limit of the wall system. If you do not have an upper deck you should place a plane that you can use to define the upper limit.

2. Click the Generate Walls button and select:
  • A wall system in the specifications tree.
  • A sketch (if your wall system has more than one sketch) in the specifications tree or viewer.

The Extract Walls dialog box displays.

The following fields are already completed with the selections you made in the previous step:

  • The Wall System Name
  • The Wall System Sketch
  • The Wall System Lower Limit field is filled out only if you selected the deck to define it. If you created a plane to define the lower limit, click in the field and select a lower limit.
3. Select the upper limit by clicking in the Wall System Upper Limit field and selecting the object that defines your upper limit, in this case the upper deck.

The OK and Apply buttons become available.

  4. Do one of the following:
  • Click Apply to preview the extracted walls.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the operation.
  • Click OK to accept the extracted walls.

In the following diagram, the upper deck has been Hidden and the ship tilted so that you can see the extracted walls.