Generating Compartments from a Wall System

This task shows you how to generate compartments from a wall system.
You should finalize your wall system layout before you generate the compartments. While it is possible to make changes to the layout after you have generated the compartments, it is not recommended.

If you do not want to generate all of the compartments of a wall system, you can choose which compartments you do not want to generate as described in Selecting Which Compartments to Generate..  

1. Click the Generate Compartments button. 

The Extract Compartments dialog box displays.

The box displays:

  • The wall system name you just selected.
  • The second field defines the sketch(es) from which compartments will be extracted.
  • The upper and lower limits.
  • The number of compartments to be extracted.

A layout of the compartments displays in the viewer.

2. Click OK.

A progress bar displays while the compartments are created, which may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your wall system. A message displays when the compartments are created.

If you selected a wall system, compartments are generated from all sketches without extracted compartments. If you selected a sketch, compartments are generated only from that sketch. If you selected which compartments to generate, as described in Selecting Which Compartments to Generate, only those compartments that were On are generated.

Each compartment is created as a separate CATPart and displays in the specifications tree. Also, boundaries are created for each compartment - one boundary for each side of the compartment - and also display in the specifications tree. You can add properties and values to boundaries - you can specify a wood floor for instance.