Loading Locators and Fasteners

Locators and fasteners are mapped from Process Engineer to DPM as shown below.

Within the Product List

Locators and fasteners associated to the loaded products are also loaded in DPM.

In Process Engineer, the fasteners and locators are grouped in specific folders. They are organized differently in DPM:

  • The fasteners will be grouped in Assembly Joints and Joint Body entities in the product tree.
  • The locators will be grouped in the List of locators entities in the product tree.

The image below shows an example of loaded fasteners and locators in the Product tree:

Within the Process List

The load of fasteners and locators is driven by the loaded products. After this load is done, the links existing in Process Engineer between these loaded fasteners/locators and the loaded processes will be available in DPM.

The fasteners and locators associated  to a process will be listed in the Item list of the activity, as shown in the image below: