What is Saved Back into the Manufacturing Hub

When saving back to the Manufacturing Hub, the following objects are saved:

  • Modifications to any of the mapped attributes for locked processes and resources.
  • New processes created through the Insert Activity command.
  • New resources created through the Create resource for Manufacturing Hub command.
  • New resources created through other resource creation commands, as long as the following conditions are met:
    • Their category corresponds to a proper Process Engineer Plan Type.
    • They are added under a proper resource (i.e., the parent resource should be locked, and the Plan Type of the parent resource should include the Plan Type of the new resource in its authorized children list).
  • Changes to the 3D positions of a locked resource.
  • Modification (new/delete) of the association between process and product, process and resource, process and locator and process and fastener (see Supported Process Relationship Types for information on the supported relations).
  • Association modifications (i.e., create/delete) between a resource (if locked) and WSC.
  • The complete document in a detailing object (so that all of the simulation information and data is stored). This can be disabled via the Manufacturing Hub options, if desired.
  • Note that modifications to Work System Components associated to the loaded resources will not be saved back.