What is Locked When a Process is Loaded

When a process is loaded from the Manufacturing Hub into DPM, locking mechanisms are activated to ensure that other users cannot modify and save processes, products and resources that you are already working with.

This includes: 

  • Locking the selected process and all of its sub-processes.
  • Locking all of the products and resources (and their sub-structures) associated with the selected process.
  • Any Work System Components associated to the loaded resources are not locked
  • Forbidding the deletion of the parents of the loaded process and of the parents of the associated resources and products. This is done through a special type of lock.
  • Links between the parents and children are locked, and can not be deleted.

Locked objects become unlocked when the process document is closed. Children of the selected process and any of the loaded resources may later be selectively unlocked by the current owner. However, the selected process itself cannot be unlocked in this manner.

A project may also be loaded in read-only mode. In this case, none of the above objects are locked and any modifications made can not be saved back to the Manufacturing Hub.

More information on DPM's locking behavior can be found in the Lock Management section.