Edit the Vision Parameters

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) This task describes the Vision function and how to set and edit manikin vision attributes. Using this function, you will see a scene through the manikin's eyes, displayed in a separate window.
Please note: this feature is available in the DPM Review workbench if the workbench DPM Human Review is purchased.

Just like humans, a manikin can see its environment. Manikin vision can be with both eyes or limited to only one eye. Even the blind spot is simulated.

The Manikin eyes follow the 3D compass with Reach and IK Mode

This proposes a more natural behavior for the manikin's vision when it is performing a reach or IK on an object.  The vision of the manikin is directed to the object the manikin is trying to pick up, which would be more like human behavior.

Line of Sight

In order to reproduce the human vision with more accuracy, in this new vision model, the camera doesn't follow the line of sight orientation anymore.  In other words, the central spot (which corresponds to the line of sight) moves inside the Vision Window following the eyes motion. The vision window no longer readjusts to the motion of the line of sight. Only when the head is moved, the vision window updates itself.

With this new vision model, we realized that it was very important to make a clear distinction between field of view and Vision Cone.

  1. Select Vision from the Manikin Tools toolbar and then select a manikin, OR  double-click on the Manikin > Profiles > Vision node to achieve the same results.

  2. The default vision window.

    No vision window will appear until the manikin is selected.

  3. Right-clicking again on Vision, with the vision window open, shows different options in the contextual window.

    • Open Vision Window - Opens the Vision Window
    • Close Vision Window - Closes the Vision Window
    • Reset - Resets the Vision Window

  4. Right-click anywhere in the vision window. The vision contextual menu appears.

  5. Choose Properties from the following options:

    Capture to capture the view as an image file
    Properties to edit the manikin's vision using the Properties Dialog box
    Close to close the vision window
  6. The Vision dialog box for the selected manikin appears.

  7. Use the check boxes to change the display appearance of the vision window.

  8. Select Properties and the Properties dialog box appears.

  9. Select the Manikin > Vision tab.

The Vision tab contains the following fields:

For more information, please read Changing Manikin Display Attributes.

See also The Vision Window's Behaviors