Window Display Tab

This page describes the functionality within the Distance tab in the Vision tab of the worker's Properties dialog box.

Use the following options to customize the vision window display of the worker:


Use the Scale field to decrease or increase the size of the Vision window to a maximum of three (3) times its original size.

Hide title

This option hides or displays the title inscription on the opened vision window.

Vision Window without title:

Peripheral contour

This option prompts or cancels the window's colored zone display bordering the field of vision. By default, the peripheral contour is not displayed.

Vision window with peripheral contour:

Focal Point (Central spot)

The central spot of vision corresponds to the focus location. It is the end of the line sight. The Central spot button prompts or cancels the display of the central point of vision; that central spot is represented by a circle.

Vision window with central spot display:

To see the Visual Cone in the vision window, you must activate the Visual Cone option in the Display panel.


Blind spot

The area of the human eye that is not covered with sensitive cells is the point where the optic nerve is attached to the eye. 

This field is represented by a blue point in the vision window. The blind spot is only represented in monocular vision. The Blind spot button prompts or cancels the display of the blind spot.

By default, the blind spot is not displayed.

Vision window with blind spot: