Changing Manikin Display Attributes

This task will describe how to set and edit manikin display attributes.
Please note: this feature is available in the DPM Review workbench, if the workbench DPM Human Review is purchased.

In the toolbar, select the Changes the Display of a manikin icon and in the 3D view or the specification tree, select a manikin. The Display Attributes dialog box appears displaying the following choices:




  • To change the manikin display, select the appropriate toggle button. 
  • Various display types can be selected at the same time.






Resolution represents the number of points taken on each ellipse to draw the surfaces at manikin creation. The default value of this parameter is 32 but it can vary from 4 to 128.

Low resolution:

High resolution:


Line of sight

The line of sight is designed to facilitate the manipulation of the manikin's vision. The blue line can be selected and manipulated with any command in the Manikin Posture toolbar in the same way as any other manikin segment.

Also see Line of Sight, Field of view

Field of View

Visual Cone


For more information on the Visual cone see Field of View.

In the drop-down menu, the default type is Flat. Choose from:


Center of gravity (COG)

The center of gravity cannot be manipulated. However, the COG is constantly updated as the manikin's posture changes.


This shows the current referential of the manikin.