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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

NFS Reference

List of Network File System (NFS) Files

bootparams Lists clients that diskless clients can use for booting.
exports Lists the directories that can be exported to NFS clients.
networks Contains information about networks on the Internet network.
pcnfsd.conf Provides configuration options for the rpc.pcnfsd daemon.
rpc Contains database information for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) programs.
xtab Lists directories that are currently exported.
/etc/filesystems Lists all the file systems that are mounted at system restart.

List of NFS Commands

chnfs Starts a specified number of biod and nfsd daemons.
mknfs Configures the system to run NFS and starts NFS daemons.
nfso Configures NFS network options.
automount Mounts an NFS file system automatically.
chnfsexp Changes the attributes of an NFS-exported directory.
chnfsmnt Changes the attributes of an NFS-mounted directory.
exportfs Exports and unexports directories to NFS clients.
lsnfsexp Displays the characteristics of directories that are exported with NFS.
lsnfsmnt Displays the characteristics of mounted NFS systems.
mknfsexp Exports a directory using NFS.
mknfsmnt Mounts a directory using NFS.
rmnfs Stops the NFS daemons.
rmnfsexp Removes NFS-exported directories from a server's list of exports.
rmnfsmnt Removes NFS-mounted file systems from a client's list of mounts.

List of NFS Daemons

Locking Daemons

lockd Processes lock requests through the RPC package.
statd Provides crash-and-recovery functions for the locking services on NFS.

Network Service Daemons and Utilities

biod Sends the client read and write requests to the server.
mountd Answers requests from clients for file system mounts.
nfsd Starts the daemons that handle a client requests for file system operations.
pcnfsd Handles service requests from PC-NFS clients.
nfsstat Displays information about the ability to receive calls for a particular machine.
on Executes commands on remote machines.
portmap Maps RPC program numbers to Internet port numbers.
rexd Accepts request to run programs from remote machines.
rpcgen Generates C code to implement an RPC protocol.
rpcinfo Reports the status of RPC servers.
rstatd Returns performance statistics obtained from the kernel.
rup Shows the status of a remote host on the local network.
rusers Reports a list of users logged on to the remote machines.
rusersd Responds to queries from the rusers command.
rwall Sends messages to all users on the network.
rwalld Handles requests from the rwall command.
showmount Displays a list of all clients that have mounted remote file systems.
spray Sends a specified number of packets to a host.
sprayd Receives packets sent by the spray command.

Secure Networking Daemons and Utilities

chkey Changes the user encryption key.
keyenvoy Provides an intermediary between user processes and the key server.
keylogin Decrypts and stores the user secret key.
keyserv Stores public and private keys.
mkkeyserv Starts the keyserv daemon and uncomments the appropriate entries in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
newkey Creates a new key in the publickey file.
rmkeyserv Stops the keyserv daemon and comments the entry for the keyserv daemon in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
ypupdated Updates information in Network Information Service (NIS) maps.

Sun Diskless Client Support

bootparamd Provides information necessary for booting to diskless clients.

NFS Subroutines

cbc_crypt, des_setparity, or ecb_crypt Implements Data Encryption Standard (DES) routines.

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