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f Shows user information. This command is the same as the finger command.
factor Factors a number.
false Traces a process's system calls, recieved signals and incurred machine faults.
fastboot Restarts the system.
fasthalt Stops the processor.
fc Processes the command history list.
fddistat Shows FDDI device driver and device statistics.
fdformat The fdformat command formats diskettes.
fdpr A performance tuning utility for improving execution time and real memory utilization of user-level application programs.
feprom_update Loads flash EPROM and reboots the system.
ff Lists the file names and statistics for a file system.
fg Runs jobs in the foreground.
fgrep Searches a file for a literal string.
file Determines the file type.
filemon Monitors the performance of the file system, and reports the I/O activity on behalf of logical files, virtual memory segments, logical volumes, and physical volumes.
fileplace Displays the placement of file blocks within logical or physical volumes.
find Finds files with a matching expression.
finger Shows user information. This command is the same as the f command.
fingerd Provides server function for the finger command.
fish Plays the go fish card game.
flcopy Copies to and from diskettes.
fmt Formats mail messages prior to sending.
fold Folds long lines for finite-width output device.
folder Selects and lists folders and messages.
folders Lists all folders and messages in mail directory.
format Formats either diskettes or read/write optical media disks.
fortune Displays a random fortune from a database of fortunes.
forw Forwards messages.
fpr Prints FORTRAN files to in line-printer conventions.
frcactrl Controls and configures FRCA
from To determine whom mail is from.
fsck Checks file system consistency and interactively repairs the file system.
fsck_cachefs Checks the integrity of data cached with CacheFS.
fsdb Debugs file systems.
fsplit Splits FORTRAN source code into separate routine files.
ftp Transfers files between a local and a remote host.
ftpd Provides the server function for the Internet FTP protocol.
fuser Identifies processes using a file or file structure.
fwtmp Manipulates connect-time accounting records by reading binary records in wtmp format from standard input, converting them to formatted ASCII records. The ASCII version is useful when it is necessary to edit bad records.
fxfer Transfers files between a local system and a host computer connected by HCON.