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pac Prepares printer/plotter accounting records.
pack Compresses files.
packf Compresses the contents of a folder into a file.
pagesize Displays the system page size.
panel20 Diagnoses activity between an HIA and the 5080 Control Unit.
passwd Changes a user's password.
paste Joins lines from one or more files.
patch Applies changes to files.
pathchk Checks path names.
pax Extracts, writes, and lists members of archive files; copies files and directory hierarchies.
pcat Unpacks files and writes them to standard output.
pdelay Enables or reports the availability of delayed login ports.
pdisable Disables login ports.
penable Enables or reports the availability of login ports.
pg Formats files to the display.
phold Disables or reports the availability of login ports on hold.
pic Preprocesses troff command input for the purpose of drawing pictures.
pick Selects messages by content and creates and modifies sequences.
ping Sends an echo request to a network host.
pioattred Provides a way to format and edit attributes in a virtual printer.
piobe Print job manager for the printer backend.
pioburst Generates burst pages (header and trailer pages) for printer output.
piocnvt Expands or contracts a predefined printer definition or a virtual printer definition.
piodigest Digests attribute values for a virtual printer definition into a memory image and stores the memory image in a file.
piodmgr Compacts the Object Data Manager (ODM) database in the /var/spool/lpd/pio/@local/smit directory.
piofontin Copies fonts from a multilingual font diskette.
pioformat Drives a printer formatter.
piofquote Converts certain control characters destined for PostScript printers.
piolsvp Lists virtual printers on a system.
piomgpdev Manages printer pseudo-devices.
piomkapqd Builds a SMIT dialog to create print queues and printers.
piomkpq Creates a print queue.
piomsg Sends a printer backend message to the user.
pioout Printer backend's device driver interface program.
piopredef Creates a predefined printer data-stream definition.
pkgadd Transfers a software package or set to the system.
pkgask Stores answers to a request script.
pkgchk Checks the accuracy of an installation.
pkginfo Displays software package and/or set information.
pkgparam Displays package parameter values.
pkgproto Generates a prototype file.
pkgrm Removes a package or set from the system.
pkgtrans Translate package format.
plotgbe Plots HP-GL files to a plotter device.
plotlbe Plots HP-GL files to a plotter device.
pmctrl Controls or queries Power Management information.
pmcycles Measures processor clock speed.
pop3d Starts the Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) server process. This command only applies to AIX 4.2.1 or later.
portmap Converts RPC program numbers into Internet port numbers.
portmir Allows one TTY stream (monitor) to attach to another TTY stream (target) and monitor the user session that is taking place on that stream. This command only applies to AIX 4.2.1 and later.
post Routes a message.
pppattachd Attaches an asynchronous device stream to the PPP (Point to Point Protocol) subsystem. Can be invoked as a daemon or a normal process.
pppcontrold Controls startup and management of the PPP (Point to Point Protocol) subsystem.
pppdial Establish an asynchronous connection with a remote system for use by the PPP (Point to Point Protocol) subsystem.
pppstat Extracts and displays the RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability) information of the PPP (Point to Point Protocol) subsystem. This command only applies to AIX 4.1.5.
pprof Reports CPU usage of all kernel threads over a period of time.
pr Writes a file to standard output.
prctmp Displays the session record files.
prdaily Creates an ASCII report of the previous day's accounting data.
prev Shows the previous message.
printenv Displays the values of environment variables.
printf Writes formatted output.
processPtf Generates the option.prereq file and lpp.doc file for each PTF.
prof Displays object file profile data.
proff Formats text for printers with personal printer data streams.
prompter Starts a prompting editor.
proto Constructs a prototype file for a file system.
proxymngr Proxy manager service
prs Displays a Source Code Control System (SCCS) file.
prtacct Formats and displays files in tacct format.
ps Shows current status of processes.
ps4014 Converts a Tektronix 4014 file to PostScript format.
ps630 Converts Diablo 630 print files to PostScript format.
psc Converts troff intermediate format to PostScript format.
psdit Converts troff intermediate format to PostScript format.
pshare Enables or reports the availability of shared login ports.
psplot Converts files in plot format to PostScript format.
psrev Reverses the page order of a PostScript file and selects a page range for printing.
psroff Converts files from troff format to PostScript format.
pstart Enables or reports the availability of login ports (normal, shared, and delayed).
pstat Interprets the contents of the various system tables and writes it to standard output.
ptfins Generates an inslist for a PTF from a list of files.
ptfpkg Creates a PTF image for each PTF listed in the input ptf_pkg.$BLDCYCLE file.
ptx Generates a permuted index.
pwd Displays the path name of the working directory.
pwdadm Administers users' passwords.
pwdck Verifies the correctness of local authentication information.
pxed Implements a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Proxy Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.