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Commands Reference, Volume 4

pdelay Command


Enables or reports the availability of delayed login ports.


pdelay [ -a ] [ Device ]


The pdelay command enables delayed ports. Delayed ports are enabled like shared ports, except that the login herald is not displayed until you type one or more characters (usually carriage returns). If a port is directly connected to a remote system or connected to an intelligent modem, it is enabled as a delayed port to prevent the getty command from talking to a getty on the remote side or to the modem on a local connection. This action conserves system resources and is equivalent to pdelay enabled=delay. If you do not specify a Device parameter, the pdelay command reports the names of the currently enabled ports.

Use the Device parameter to specify the ports to be enabled. Permitted values include:


-a Enables all ports as delayed.


To display the names of the delayed ports that are currently enabled, enter:



/etc/locks Contains lock files for the pshare and pdelay commands.
/usr/sbin/pdelay Contains the pdelay command.

Related Information

The getty command, init command, pdisable command, penable command, phold command, pshare command, pstart command.

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