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There is "new technology", and there is "high technology".
An IBM MCA machine is still a "high technology" computer.
-"Speedfrog" Bill from CSIPH

Welcome! These pages contain information on IBM Personal System/2 Model 25 computers, some MCA and PS/2 related hardware information, and finally a nearly complete listing of the PS/2 systems that I own and operate...

There have been some complaints that these pages don't render properly on some web browsers. A solution to this issue is being implemented, but it may take some time until all the pages have been updated.

Please feel free to drop me a line. I may not always be the quickest to respond, but I love to read e-mail and will reply as soon as I can!

I've recently finished some major revisions to this page and others listed in the links below. There are also some new machines below. I'm steadily getting back on track with my collection of Microchannel computers and IBM PS/2s in general. Stay tuned for updates and new information!

If you're looking for disks relating to IBM PS/2s, option cards or anything related that was once on the IBM PCCBBS, you should know that IBM has taken this stuff down. Many links on the WWW are no longer any good and won't give you the files you need. I'd recommend checking the mirrors below in the rightmost column for more information.

Does anyone out there have a 9585 xKx or xNx model system that needs a home? I am looking for one!









PS/2s I Own

Miscellaneous Information

Microchannel & PS/2 Projects

Model 25/Eduquest (Info Page & Pics)
Updated! New clock battery info!

MCA Picturebook

Digital EtherWorks Stuff

Model 30 (286 and 8086)

Other PS/2
Related Links

Novell NE-32 Adapter Info

The "Turbo 30" Project

9595 Ardent Tools of
V2 Adaptation

Arco AC-1070 MCA IDE
Adapter CD-ROM
Drive Support

Model 33 "E"

Shiva FastPath 5 Information

Hacking Drive Rails
for Models 40, 57, and 77

Model 35SX
Model 35SLC
Model 40SX

Computers Featured In My
Collection Are NOT For Sale

Kingston SXNow!
Upgrade Information

Model L40SX

Check the PS/2 Links section for

much more useful info!

AOX MCMaster 286>386
Upgrade Instructions and

Models 50 and 50Z
Model 50 w/ Reply Board

Illustrated L40SX
Notebook Disassembly Guide

PS/2 Note N51SX
Model 53

Telxon Wireless MCA NIC
info and outline...

Model 55SX

Pure Data ArcNet

Model 56SLC

Fan Replacement For The
Kingston TurboChip 133

Model 56SLC3

Model M Keyboard
Modification Info

Model 57SLC

MPG123 For AIX on RS/6000

Model 57SLC2 486

Firefox 1.0.7 Web Browser for AIX

Model 60 (new!)

My Thoughts On Various MCA
Cards and Related Hardware

Model 65SX - Unit 1
Model 65SX - Unit 2

Look here for selected items!
Look here for everything from
the former IBM PCCBBS!

Model 70 (E61)
Model 70 (A21)
Model P70 (8573-121)
Model P75 (8573-401)
Model 76 (Lacuna)
Model 76 (Bermuda)
Model 77 (Bermuda)
Model 77 (Lacuna)
Model 77 (Ultimedia Lacuna)
Model 80
Model 80 with CORE ESDI Disks & Controller
Model 85
Model 90
Model 95
PS/2 Server 95
PS/2 Server 95A
PC Server 500
Non IBM MCA Machines
NCR System 3300
Reply Model 32
IBM 6152 Academic System
IBM 7186 (Black Cased P70)

















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