I can't hope to provide even a small sampling of what's out there in the MCA world. The people and groups who still run and support MCA are very numerous and if you don't see your site on the list it was not left out on purpose.

If you maintain a resource relating to the IBM PS/2 or ANY MCA-bus equipped computer, please drop me a line!

I do make some minimal effort to make sure these links are "live" and functional. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is constantly in flux and some of these links have gone bad as a result. As of this writing, I have found the dead links and revised them to point to their archived copies from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. You can find the Wayback Machine at if you want to use it.

Note: Before getting all hot and bothered and making a damn fool of yourself because I've linked to an archive of your no-longer-online site, realize that I don't make a habit of recording sites. Take it up with the archive I've pointed to if you don't like it. Most archivers have directions on how to remove your site from their archive, so don't waste your time sending abusive e-mails to me unless you want to go ISP-shopping in the near future. Or ask me POLITELY to remove the link.

The newsgroup is still very active today and is a great place to go if you have an IBM PS/2 and need some assistance with it. Some say there's no friendlier newsgroup in existence.

NEW! Runstream Software's MCABase provides many useful tools for MCA-based computers. Amongst other things, a database of MCA cards is provided here, along with vastly improved drivers for IBM MCA SCSI and XGA-1/XGA-2 video adapters running under Windows 95 and newer.

Windows NT Driver for the IBM Ultimedia 7-6 Audio Card
- Ryan Alswede rewrote and adapted a Microsoft driver to enable the IBM Ultimedia 7-6 adapter for use with Windows NT 4.0 on x86 MCA. Finally -- an inexpensive and relatively easily found audio adapter for MCA computers! (The original page is in questionable status. While still online, I don't know that the author is still around and running MCA. The link above points to a copy that was made by Louis Ohland. You can try the original here. Consider yourself warned that you may see pop-ups!)

What is the MCA Mafia?

Peter Wendt's Microchannel Enthusiasts Pages (And ADF collection!)

Louis Ohland's Pages It's's's everywhere! This used to be the home of the extremely useful and informative "Ardent Tool of Capitalism" PS/2 resource pages. It looks as though PS/2 information is slowly coming back to these pages. If you don't find what you want here, you can try my mirror of his orginal pages. One of the originals...

Dennis Smith's PS/2 Page Not as alive as it once was...but you can still find some handy resources here.

Fred Spencer's 8580 PS/2 Page - Go here for a wealth of info on the greatness that is the PS/2 Model 80. Upgrades, problem solving and all sorts of other great information await.

Spooky's PS/2 Page - This was hosted at the domain, but seemingly the maintainer has let the domain name drop for now. This is one of the few places to find the N33SX PS/2 Note reference diskette.

Linux on MCA - A rather dated page containing information on using the Linux OS with MCA hardware.

The PS/2 FAQ - Answers nearly any question you could have about an IBM PS/2, but it needs updating as many of the firms listed as providing PS/2 parts and services have closed up and gone away.

ComputerCraft PS/2 Pages - This is a good reference, it's a shame that there are many dead links. You may need to be on the watch for pop-up ads.

Resurrecting 50z - A well written article on the restoration of a PS/2 50z computer. By Mark Baker

The L40 in Canada -- I'm not sure who posts or maintains this page, but they have a pretty decent resource for all L40 owners out there. No longer online, link points to an archive.

Pete Backhouse has an interesting collection of files for the AIX for PS/2 operating system amongst other things. Check it out at here. You can also find his archive of the newsgroup at that location. (Note: This site is not always up, so if you can't get to it now, try it later. You can also find the AIX 1.3 for PS/2 stuff here.)

David L. Beem has a new IBM Museum...there was some content recently published here, but the site was suddenly vandalized and the contents are temporarily no longer available. Keep checking back...the content should return soon.

IACT - A group whose ideas about producing compatible technology I most certainly agree with. Suffice it to say that this is a "look but don't take a copy" site. I do not and cannot support their group, but compatible technology is something everyone who uses computers should be demanding. If you can ignore the usual crap about Microsoft, it's a pretty good site.

IBM PS/2 Model 60 -- If the Model 60 is your kind of computer, then check out Jason Whorton's IBM PS/2 Model 60 site. There are plenty of good pictures and some explanation of what you can do in the way of upgrades to the PS/2 Model 60.
No longer online, link points to an archive.

IBM PS/2 Model 30 -- Another page from Jason Whorton (the man with the golden video card), this one covering the none-too-often discussed PS/2 Model 30-286. No longer online, link points to an archive.

Tavi PS/2 Pages - From Bob Eager. You'll find a discussion of PS/2 batteries here, as well as some supportive software for identifying hardware in your PS/2 or enabling some nice-to-have features. There are also a lot more links available here.

PS/2 Supersite & PCCBBS Mirror - A copy of the IBM PCCBBS before IBM ran through it and removed a lot of the resources that PS/2 users found handy. This also contains easily used driver disks, reference disks and other utilities repackaged in easier to use raw disk image formats. Also available here, here (professionally hosted) and here (the last link gives you the full PCCBBS).

IBM PS/2 P70 - Forrest "Scott" Brinkley brings us an interesting page on the IBM PS/2 P70 "luggable" computer system. If you have one of these and need some ideas on how to boost it up, look no further!

Greyghost MCA Pages - Another set of pages from me that document some adapters and provide supporting software or hints you may need in order to use them. Something of a companion to the Ardent Tools, though I cannot say that I've seen anywhere near as much of Micro Channel as Louis Ohland has!

MCA Machines Online and Serving Pages

Not too many of these out there so far, but I had at least one: Greyghost. Unfortunately, I never got around to fixing the original PC Server 500 that served pages, and the 65SX was lost to a horrific basement flood caused by a sewer failure. You can still go here, but the site is no longer hosted on a PS/2 or MCA hardware. This will change someday.

If anyone else has got an MCA machine out there with a presence on any part of the Internet, I'd love to know about it. Web, FTP, or whatever...drop me a line using the email address link at the top of the page.

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