The Microchannel Users Picture Book

Welcome to the MCA Picture Book. The MCA Picture Book is a photographic directory of many of the members of the newsgroup or their computers.

Update: All e-mail addresses have been totally removed from this site! I apologize for this, but spammers have made such measures necessary. If you'd like to talk to anybody listed here, I recommend contacting them in

If you're a member of the newsgroup and want to be in this directory, membership is free, completely voluntary, (you can be added, removed or have your entry edited/updated if/when you like within reason) and you can send nearly anything you want to have published about yourself, your PS/2s or any other interests you have. So send your entry to me!

When you do send, provide your information and picture in an easy to convert format. Attach any pictures , text or other items to your message or personal web space, as I would rather not go searching through archives of group postings to find URLs or other information you want posted.

Peter Wendt
William Walsh
Phil Mallory
David L. Beem
Tim Clarke
David Palmer "Barovelli"
Martin Etteldorf
Dan Kalish
Jim Shorney
Bob Eager
Tim Knight "Ferrousp"
Euclides Zoto "EZoto"
Niels C. Grønlund

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