First Edition (October 1997)

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Chapter 1. Data Link Control
Generic Data Link Control Environment Overview
Implementing GDLC Interface
GDLC Interface ioctl Entry Point Operations
GDLC Special Kernel Services
GDLC Problem Determination
Data Link Control Programming and Reference Information
Token-Ring Data Link Control Overview
DLCTOKEN Device Manager Nodes
DLCTOKEN Device Manager Functions
DLCTOKEN Protocol Support
DLCTOKEN Name-Discovery Service
DLCTOKEN Direct Network Services
DLCTOKEN Connection Contention
Initiating DLCTOKEN Link Sessions
Stopping DLCTOKEN Link Sessions
DLCTOKEN Programming Interfaces
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Data Link Control Overview
DLC8023 Device Manager Nodes
DLC8023 Device Manager Functions
DLC8023 Protocol Support
DLC8023 Name-Discovery Services
DLC8023 Direct Network Services
DLC8023 Connection Contention
DLC8023 Link Sessions
DLC8023 Programming Interfaces
Standard Ethernet Data Link Control Overview
DLCETHER Device Manager Nodes
DLCETHER Device Manager Functions
DLCETHER Protocol Support
DLCETHER Name-Discovery Services
DLCETHER Direct Network Services
DLCETHER Connection Contention
DLCETHER Link Session Initiation
DLCETHER Link Session Termination
DLCETHER Programming Interfaces
Synchronous Data Link Control Overview
DLCSDLC Device Manager Functions
DLCSDLC Protocol Support
DLCSDLC Programming Interfaces
DLCSDLC Asynchronous Function Subroutine Calls
Qualified Logical Link Control (DLCQLLC) Overview
Data Link Control FDDI (DLC FDDI) Overview
DLC FDDI Device Manager Nodes
DLC FDDI Device Manager Functions
DLC FDDI Protocol Support
DLC FDDI Name-Discovery Services
DLC FDDI Direct Network Services
DLC FDDI Connection Contention
DLC FDDI Link Sessions
DLC FDDI Programming Interfaces

Chapter 2. Data Link Provider Interface Implementation

Chapter 3. New Database Manager

Chapter 4. eXternal Data Representation

Chapter 5. Network Computing System

Chapter 6. Network Information Service

Chapter 7. Network Management

Chapter 8. Remote Procedure Call

Chapter 9. Sockets

Chapter 10. STREAMS

Chapter 11. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Chapter 12. Xerox Network Systems