First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Data Link Control

Chapter 2. Data Link Provider Interface Implementation

Chapter 3. New Database Manager

Chapter 4. eXternal Data Representation

Chapter 5. Network Computing System

Chapter 6. Network Information Service

Chapter 7. Network Management

Chapter 8. Remote Procedure Call
RPC Model
RPC Message Protocol
RPC Authentication
RPC Port Mapper Program
Programming in RPC
RPC Features
RPC Language
rpcgen Protocol Compiler
List of RPC Programming References
Using UNIX Authentication Example
DES Authentication Example
Using the Highest Layer of RPC Example
Using the Intermediate Layer of RPC Example
Using the Lowest Layer of RPC Example
Showing How RPC Passes Arbitrary Data Types Example
Using Multiple Program Versions Example
Broadcasting a Remote Procedure Call Example
Using the select Subroutine Example
rcp Process on TCP Example
RPC Callback Procedures Example
RPC Language ping Program Example
Converting Local Procedures into Remote Procedures Example
Generating XDR Routines Example

Chapter 9. Sockets

Chapter 10. STREAMS

Chapter 11. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Chapter 12. Xerox Network Systems