First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

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Chapter 1. Data Link Control

Chapter 2. Data Link Provider Interface Implementation

Chapter 3. New Database Manager

Chapter 4. eXternal Data Representation

Chapter 5. Network Computing System

Chapter 6. Network Information Service

Chapter 7. Network Management

Chapter 8. Remote Procedure Call

Chapter 9. Sockets

Chapter 10. STREAMS
STREAMS Introduction
Benefits and Features of STREAMS
STREAMS Flow Control
STREAMS Synchronization
STREAMS Tunable Parameters
streamio (STREAMS ioctl) Operations
Building STREAMS
STREAMS Messages
Put and Service Procedures
STREAMS Drivers and Modules
log Device Driver
Configuring Drivers and Modules in the Portable Streams Environment
An Asynchronous Protocol STREAMS Example
Differences Between Portable Streams Environment and V.4 STREAMS
List of Streams Commands
List of STREAMS Programming References
Transport Service Library Interface Overview

Chapter 11. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Chapter 12. Xerox Network Systems