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GL3.2 Version 4.1 for AIX: Programming Concepts

Graphics Library Subroutines and Functional Categories

To help you select the proper subroutines for your application, the following list comprises the functional categories for GL.

Choosing the Right GL Subroutine

Select an entry from the left column for the list of subroutines in that category.
Select an entry from the right column for conceptual information on that topic.

Drawing Subroutines

                          Draw smooth lines or points.
                          Set or return attributes.
Begin-End Style Drawing
                          Provide fast vertex-based drawing primitives.
Rectangles, Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
                          Draw primitive geometric figures.
                          Initialize or terminate GL functions.
Move-Draw Style Drawing
                          Draw primitives by moving and connecting points.
NURBS Curves and Surfaces
                          Draw nonuniform rational B-spline curves and surfaces.
Pipeline Option-Setting
                          Control flow of primitives through the graphics pipeline.
                          Bit-block transfer (blit) rectangular images.
Text Characters and Strings
                          Create text characters and draw text strings.
Wire Frame Curves/Surfaces
                          Draw wire frame curves and surface patches.

Coordinate Transformation Subroutines

Coordinate Transformation
                          Move, rotate, or scale drawing primitives.

Viewport and Screenmask Subroutines

Viewport and Screenmask
                          Create and control viewports and screenmasks.

Hidden Surface Removal Subroutines

Hidden Surface Removal
                          Control z-buffering and backfacing polygon removal.

Lighting Subroutines

                          Define multiple materials, lights, and lighting models.

Depth-Cueing Subroutines

                             Make color depend on distance to viewer.

Frame Buffer Subroutines

                          Employ double buffering to create animated graphics.
                          Set or return attributes.
Clearing, Resetting, Starting
                          Initialize, terminate or configure GL functions.
Color Map and RGB Modes
                          Manipulate color maps or work in RGB mode.
Frame Buffer Configuration
                          Configure frame buffer and return information.
Writemasks and Logical Ops
                          Control writemasks for frame buffer.
                          Request information about system resources.

Object (Display List) Subroutines

Object (Display List)
                          Create and manage graphical objects (display lists).

Picking and Selecting Subroutines

Picking and Selecting
                          Control picking and selecting operations.

Window and Input Control Subroutines

                          Define and control cursor.
                          Manage keyboard functions.
Pop-up Menus
                             Create and manipulate pop-up menus.
                          Request information about system resources.
Queue and Device
                          Control input queues and devices.
                          Create and manage a screen area for textual output.
                          Create and manage windows.

Enhanced X-Windows GL Subroutines

Enhanced X-Windows
                          Control window mapping, set window properties, create widgets.

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