First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Guide and Reference

Chapter 1. Network Installation Management (NIM) Introduction

Chapter 2. Choosing a NIM Master

Chapter 3. Basic NIM Operations and Configuration

Chapter 4. NIM Client Operations

Chapter 5. Advanced NIM Installation Tasks
Controlling the Master or Client
Resetting Machines
Using Client Machines as Resource Servers
Defining a Machine Group
Adding New Members to Machine Groups
Removing Members from Machine Groups
Including and Excluding a Group Member from Operations on the Group
Using Resource Groups to Allocate Related Resources to NIM Machines
Managing Software on Standalone Clients and SPOT Resources
Rebuilding Network Boot Images for a SPOT
Maintaining Software in an lpp_source
Viewing Installation, Configuration, and Boot Logs
Verifying Installation with the lppchk Operation

Chapter 6. Advanced NIM Configuration Tasks

Chapter 7. Additional Topics

Chapter 8. Network Installation Management Concepts

Chapter 9. Network Installation Management Commands

Chapter 10. Error and Warning Messages

Chapter 11. Network Installation Management Troubleshooting

Appendix A. Network Boot

Appendix B. Hardware-Related Tasks

Appendix C. Sample Files

Appendix D. NIM Compatibility and Limitations