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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Using Client Machines as Resource Servers

Any machine in the NIM environment can be a resource server. In simple environments, the NIM master is usually used to serve all the NIM resources.

Defining resources on client machines can be beneficial for the following reasons:

From Web-based System Manager

  1. From the NIM Resources container, double-click on Add New Resource. The Add New Resource TaskGuide displays.
  2. Follow the TaskGuide instructions to create the resource.


  1. To create a resource on a NIM client, enter the smit nim_mkres fast path.
  2. Select the Resource Type.
  3. In the displayed dialog fields, supply the correct values for the resource options. Be sure to specify the name of the client machine for the Server of the Resource field. Use the help information or the LIST option to help you. All attributes specified when the resource is defined (such as location and source) must be local to the server machine.

From the Command Line

To create a resource on a NIM client, specify the client's NIM name for the server attribute when defining the resource.


To create an lpp_source resource named images2 from a CD on the NIM client machine, client_mac1 , in the /resources/images directory, enter:

nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=client_mac1 \
-a location=/resources/images -a source=/dev/cd0 images2

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