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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Adding New Members to Machine Groups

New members can be added to machine groups. However, the new member must be of the same type as existing members.

In the Web-based System Manager NIM application, formal machine groups are not explicitly created and managed.


  1. To add members to a machine group, enter the smit nim_chgrp fast path.
  2. Select the machine group to modify.
  3. Specify members to add to the group. Use the LIST option to select members to add.

From the Command Line

To add a member to a machine group, enter:

nim -o change -a add_member=MachineName GroupName

For example, to add the diskless client, diskless5 , to the machine group, diskless_grp , enter the following command:

nim -o change -a add_member=diskless5 diskless_grp

Alternatively, you could have specified group members in both the define and change operations by using sequenced member attributes, such as -a member1=Standalone1 -a member2=Standalone2 and so forth.

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