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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Including and Excluding a Group Member from Operations on the Group

Use the select operation to indicate that specific members of a machine group should be included or excluded from operations on that group. This capability is useful if an operation needs to be tried again on specific group members that failed during an initial operation on the group. When a group member is marked as being excluded, it remains so until it is included again.

In the Web-based System Manager NIM application, formal machine groups are not explicitly created and managed.


  1. To include or exclude a group member from operations on the group, enter the smit nim_grp_select fast path.
  2. Select the name of the group from which you want to include or exclude members.
  3. Select the members to include or exclude.

From the Command Line

To include or exclude a group member, enter the following:

nim -o select -a include_all=Value -a exclude_all=Value \
-a include=MemberName -a exclude=MemberName GroupName

As an example, to exclude the machine, Standalone2 , from further operations on machine group, MacGrp1 and to include a previously excluded machine, Standalone3 , enter:

nim -o select -a exclude=Standalone2 -a include=Standalone3 \ MacGrp1

The special attributes include_all and exclude_all, when assigned a value of yes, can be used respectively to include or exclude all members in a group. The select operation evaluates command line attributes from left to right. The following example shows how to exclude all members except Standalone2 from subsequent operations on the machine group, MacGrp1 :

nim -o select -a exclude_all=yes -a include=Standalone2 MacGrp1

Using the special -g option shows the excluded status of the group's members:

lsnim -g MacGrp1

Group member information similar to the following is displayed:

type   = mac_group
member1=Standalone1;ready for a NIM operation,not running;EXCLUDED
member2=Standalone2;ready for a NIM operation; currently running;
member3=Standalone3;ready for a NIM operation,not running;EXCLUDED

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