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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Resetting Machines

The operations performed using NIM can be very complex. To help ensure that the operations can be completed successfully, NIM requires that a machine be in the ready state before operations can be run on it. While an operation is being performed, the state of the machine will reflect the current operation. After the operation completes, the machine returns to the ready state.

If an operation on a machine is interrupted, the machine state may continue to reflect the operation. If this occurs, the machine must be reset to the ready state before performing any further operations. To return a machine to the ready state, use the NIM reset operation.

From Web-based System Manager

  1. From the NIM container, select a target standalone, diskless, or dataless machine to reset.
  2. From the Selected menu, select Administration > Reset NIM State.
  3. Use the dialog to reset the state of the machine.

You can also do this task from the Troubleshooting menu. From the Selected menu, select Troubleshooting > Clean Up Failed or Interrupted Installation.


  1. To return a machine to the ready state, enter the smit nim_mac_op fast path.
  2. Select the target machine for the operation.
  3. Select reset as the Operation to Perform.
  4. To deallocate resources, change the Deallocate All Resources? field to yes.
  5. Change the Force field to yes.

From the Command Line

  1. To return a machine to the ready state, enter:
    nim -Fo reset MachineName
  2. To deallocate resources, enter:
    nim -o deallocate -a ResourceType=ResourceName MachineName
    where ResourceType is the type of the resource being deallocated (for example, lpp_source, SPOT, Script, etc.), ResourceName is the name of the resource being deallocated, and MachineName is the name of the machine that has been allocated the resources.
    Note: Resetting a machine will not automatically deallocate all the resources that were allocated for the operation. To deallocate resources, use the NIM deallocate operation.

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