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AIX Version 4.3 Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Chapter 3. Basic NIM Operations and Configuration

This section describes the following procedures for performing basic NIM operations and simple configuration tasks using the Web-based System Manager NIM interface (available in AIX Version 4.3) or the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), as well as from the command line. The procedures in this section identify prerequisite tasks or conditions that must be met before performing the task.

To start the Web-based System Manager NIM interface from an X-Windows session on the NIM master, enter:

  wsm nim
  1. For additional information about NIM operations and the required and optional attributes to customize operations, see "Network Installation Management Concepts".
  2. For assistance, use the online contextual help available for both the Web-based System Manager and SMIT interfaces.

    Extended help is available in the Web-based System Manager interface, offering guidance for tasks you may need to do in NIM. To view extended help, select Contents from the Help menu in the NIM container. See "Using Web-based System Manager" for further information about using the Web-based System Manager graphical interface.

  3. For tasks performed at the command line, the root user must be using ksh. Unexpected results can occur if the root user is set to another shell, such as csh.
  4. If errors occur, it may be necessary to reset the machine before retrying the operation. For the procedure to reset a NIM client, see "Resetting Machines".

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