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AIX Version 4.3 Quick Beginnings

Chapter 6. Using Web-based System Manager

Web-based System Manager is a graphical user interface (GUI) application for managing your system. You can manage systems from a locally attached display or remotely from another AIX system or personal computer equipped with a web browser. You can perform such tasks as viewing users and groups, installed software, and printers and devices; managing logical volumes; mounting and unmounting file system; configuring the network; as well as numerous other tasks.

The Web-based System Manager GUI provides point-and-click control of objects, which provides an alternative to learning and using AIX commands.

Web-based System Manager contains the following applications:

Application Contents
Backups Backs up your system
Devices Physical and logical devices
File Systems File systems installed on the system
Logical Volumes Volume groups, logical volumes, and physical volumes
Network Network communications, services, and protocols
Print Queues Printers and print queues
Processes Processes active on the system
Software Software installed on the system
Subsystems Subsystem groups, subsystems, and subservers (daemons) on the system
System System environment setup such as system console, user interface, and system date and time
Users Users and groups
NIM Application for distributing software installation operations across a network

For detailed information about functions and applications, see the online help and documentation.

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