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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Adding a P10-Style Port on a S20

The 7318 Model S20 can support Model P10 port functionality. This capability is very useful for certain types of graphics printers and for applications that need to change port parameters and POSIX settings dynamically.


  1. 7318 software must be installed on the host to which the P10 style port is being added.
  2. If the P10 style port will be used by a host residing on a different network from that of the 7318, the router must support the SPX/IPX protocols.
  3. You must be in password privilege mode on the 7318.
  4. You must have root user authority.
  5. The boot host and all other hosts that have sessions on this S20 unit must have the enX Ethernet Version 2 frame format.


Adding a P10 style port to a Model S20 involves configuring both the 7318 Model S20 and the host.

Configure the S20

  1. If the configuration file is not already customized for the 7318, copy the /usr/lib/cns/s20.cfg file to a file named /usr/lib/cns/XXXXXXXXXXXX.cfg, where the XXXXXXXXXXXX parameter is the Ethernet address of the specified 7318.
  2. Using your favorite editor, find the [SessionNN] subsection within the file for the applicable port session.
  3. Change the application parameters to reserved in each session section for this port.
  4. Ensure that no SLIP, PPP, or telnetd functions have been configured for this port by checking the port parameter for any uncommented SLIP, PPP, and telnetd sections.
  5. Use the reboot command from the 7318 command shell or power-cycle the 7318 to load the modified configuration file.

Configure the Host

The following actions are required on the system that will use the P10 style port:

  1. 7318 Software must be installed on this host.
  2. SPX/IPX must be activated. Refer to "Configuring a 7318 Model P10" and the "7318 Model P10 Worksheet" in AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Asynchronous Communications Guide for details on enabling SPX/IPX.
  3. Refer to "Configuring a 7318 Model P10" in AIX Versions 3.2 and 4 Asynchronous Communications Guide to add the 7318 to this host using SMIT. During this procedure, ensure that you do not select to load from this host by blanking out the ComNetServer Bootfile field. Selecting to load from this host can override the normal 7318 Model S20 boot process and result in the wrong configuration file being loaded for the Model S20.

    Also, select None for the generation of TTYs.

  4. Now that the 7318 has been added to this host, the specific TTY or LP device for the desired Model P10 port can be created. This is done from the Add a TTY to a nComNetServer or Add a Printer to a ComNetServer dialog in SMIT. Select the applicable 7318 and port from the selection lists.

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