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7318 Model S20 Guide and Reference

Configuring a Static Session

The system administrator can configure each 7318 port with up to six static sessions. A static session is when an administrator predefines commands to run automatically when a terminal becomes active on the specified port (that is, when the terminal is connected and turned on). As a result, the administrator can configure the system for less technically sophisticated users and restrict their access to other facilities of the 7318 or other hosts computers on the local area network.

For example, the system administrator can configure the system so that all ports automatically initiate a tn3270 session with a mainframe whenever a user turns on an attached terminal. This provides both ease of use for the nontechnical terminal user as well as increased security. The terminal user cannot circumvent this automatic login process if the administrator has configured the port for the attached terminal in this way.

The following example specifies a [ Session ] section in which there are three [ SessionNN ] subsections, each specifying a command shell, dynamic, and rlogin session, respectively:

nsessions = 03
device = LDTCOM
port = 0
session = 0
application = command
device = LDTCOM
port = 0
session = 1
application = dynamic

device = LDTCOM
port = 0
session = 2
application = rlogin bach


  1. You must be in password privilege mode on the 7318.
  2. You must have root user authority.


  1. If the configuration file is not already customized for the 7318, copy the /usr/lib/cns/s20.cfg file to a file named /usr/lib/cns/XXXXXXXXXXXX.cfg, where the XXXXXXXXXXXX parameter is the Ethernet address of the specified 7318.
  2. Using your favorite editor, find the [SessionNN] subsection within the file for the applicable port session.
  3. Change the application parameter of the session to the desired command to be run when the terminal is powered on or when the current command terminates. For example:
    application=rlogin HostName
    application=tn3270 HostName
    Each port has a minimum of one session, which must be defined as a command session unless all sessions are reserved . For more information, see " [Session] Section " .
  4. Use the reboot command from the 7318 command shell or power-cycle the 7318 to load the modified configuration file.

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