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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

3270 Emulator

The e789 and xhcon commands emulate a 3278/79 display attached to a System/390 computer. The e789pr command emulates a 3286/87 printer attached to a System/390 host.

The e789 and xhcon commands are available for 3270 display emulation, depending on the terminal type and user-interface preference. The selection can be:

e789 Works with an ASCII display or an AIX terminal.
                          Works in an X Windows environment with Motif user-interface requiring an high-function terminal (HFT) or Xstation.

The emulator functions as a 3278/79 terminal and is in session with the S/390 if the connection is properly configured. Use the session to:

A printer session runs in the background. In a printer session, you can:

For specific aspects of the e789, xhcon, and e789pr commands, see:

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