For demonstration purposes only, the graphs available for viewing has been limited to 15 screen captures.

Subscribers of the Full Service Offering who utilize X-Motif or Netscape with their RS/6000 have many additional graphs and options available, including daily, weekly and monthly viewing. Also, all graphs can be printed (postscript or xwd), and many of the graphs have additional tabular data accessible at the click of the mouse.

[click on any of the below for a description and a sample graph]

  1. CPU & I/O Daily System Load Profile
  2. CPU & I/O Weekly System Load Profile
  3. Disk I/O Statistics
  4. Page Space Utilization
  5. Memory - System Thrashing
  6. CPU Utilization
  7. Working For Memory
  8. Monthly System Availability Summary
  9. Monthly User Disk Usage Summary
  10. Top Ten Disk Users
  11. Weekly Volume Group Summary
  12. Daily File System Summary With Prediction
  13. Monthly File System Summary With Prediction
  14. Disk Activity Summary
  15. Monthly High/Low Disk Free

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