The System Expert full service offering provides continuous remote monitoring and reporting on RS/6000 systems. This is a fee-based service. For more information regarding pricing, please visit the System Expert internet site at

Daily reports are provided for each monitored machine providing valuable information on system security, capacity, utilization, performance and operational status. The information provided in these reports is created when exceptions in your system environment are detected by the analysis performed at IBM's System Expert Support Center.

System Expert also provides a real-time notification capability for those important or critical system events that may require immediate corrective action. System Expert's real-time alerts can be delivered to multiple recipients via a number of delivery techniques.

System Expert's Full Service Key Features:

How to Get the System Expert Full Service

There are several different methods of receiving the System Expert full service package. You can contact your IBM Solutions Provider, which may be your IBM Business Partner, IBM Direct marketing, or your local IBM office.

You can also download a copy from our internet web site at Also, visit the web site for possible information regarding country specific points of contact.

How Do I Get a Copy?